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Megain goes into operation


A sudden epidemic affected the hearts and minds of the Chinese people. In order to cooperate with the governments epidemic prevention and control policy,Megain quickly launched a response mechanism,set up an epidemic prevention working group, and unified the prevention and control work.

In addition to actively responding to government guidelines and strictly implementing the requirements for epidemic prevention management, the epidemic prevention working group gradually started to work at home, work at peak shifts, and shift peak attendance modes. In spite of the extraordinary period,it can still ensure the provision of high-quality products and services to customers, and effectively protect the interests of customers.

Security members, adhere to the front line, build the first firewall for epidemic prevention, and follow the governments guidelines for epidemic prevention work and establish sound epidemic prevention rules  to ensure that employees and visitors working at the company are in good health.

At present, the epidemic situation is still severe. We have the confidence and ability to work with our partners to overcome the difficulties. 

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